About Voicefem

Voicefem was created in 2014 in order to help transgender women find their feminine voice. We exist to change lives and to make dreams come true.


Change the lives of transgender and cisgender women around the world that dream of having a feminine voice by using the Wendler Glottoplasty technique.


To become the world’s most recognized voice feminization surgicalcenter to help more women find their true voice.



Respect and dignified treatment

All our patients will be treated without bias or discrimination whether it is of race, creed, sexual identity, sexual orientation or gender.



We are fully committed to help all our patients reach their dream of finding their feminine voice.


Vocation to serve

Our team will work together during the entire process to ensure the best results.

Meet the Team

Dr. Antonio Ballestas

Voice surgeon – Scientific Director

Dr. Leonor Medina.


Dr. Rocío Cuello

Speech therapist

Dr. Alfonso Oliver


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