Surgery that changes the voice of transgender women


UNIVISION Special – Interview with Dr. Ballestas

The Informants

Catalina Jaramillo’s surgery to find the voice of the woman she always was

El Tiempo

The doctor who gives trans women a feminine tone

Zone Zero

Otorrino from Barranquilla, a world reference in voice feminization, guest of ‘Los Informantes’.

RCN Radio

Transgender police officer underwent voice feminization surgery in Barranquilla

Blu Radio

Andrea Cortés, the first trans woman in the National Police, reappears with new voice

El Heraldo

Voice change operation performed in Barranquilla. This is the first time this procedure has been performed on the coast.

El Heraldo

Barranquilla doctor performs surgery to change the voice of transsexual women.


Learn about the operation to feminize the voice of the first transgender police officer

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