Who is a candidate for voice feminization surgery? How old should I be to apply for the surgery?

Every transgender or cisgender woman over 18 years old.

How long is the surgery?

On average, voice feminization surgery lasts around one hour and a half.

How long does recovery last?

The first two weeks after the surgery require complete voice rest. After that initial recovery phase, there will be 2 months of online speech therapy.

How long after the surgery can I see the results ?

After the first month you will perceive a difference in the tone of your voice, however changes will be seen gradually with a definitive voice set around the 4-to-6-month mark.

What are the post-surgery care requirements?

Complete voice rest for the fir st 14 days. Avoid spicy foods and other foods that may produce reflux and irritate the voice. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes for a certain amount of time.

How long after the surgery can I travel?

For the surgery you only need 4 days in Barranquilla. You arrive two days before the surgery and can travel 2 days after it is done.

How much does voice feminization surgery cost? What does the VFS package include?

Voicefem offers a surgery package that starts at $8000 USD and includes:

  • Transportation from the hotel to the airport and back
  • Hotel stay
  • All medical and hospital expenses
  • Personalized assistance

Does voice feminization surgery req uire local or general anesthesia?

General anesthesia

What are the risks of voice feminization surgery?

The main risk is rupture of the sutures, which is why complete voice rest is critical.

How many voice feminization surgeries have Voicefem performed?

Since 2014 we have performed approximately 300 surgeries.